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Mix Weighers


Ishida offers a range of high performance multihead weighers, which can be configured for either multi-mix or multi-outlet applications.

The critical factor is to dedicate sufficient heads per mix or outlet section to ensure a sufficiently high combination of stable hoppers can weigh and combine up to a maximum of eight different products.

Mix weighing is used when several different products will be in a final pack. A single weigher from Ishida can mix-weigh up to a maximum of eight different products.

Multiple outlet weighing is used, for example, with a single product feeding into multiple distribution lanes (saving space and in-feed complexity when compared to using multiple weighers).

  • Mix weighing benefits for customers:
  • Increase value of the end product (by controlling the percentage of product in the pack)
  • Meet legal requirements (to be able to state the percentage of product on the pack/bag)
  • Maximise profits by minimising giveaway particularly on the most expensive products
  • Increase speed and efficiency
  • Reduce factory production space
Case study
Chocolates Valor  (1.4 MB)
Kentaur  (1.72 MB)
Libertas  (1.7 MB)
Ritter Sport  (1.48 MB)
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