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Cartoning Machines


The range of our vertical cartoning machines starts from models for carton packaging with a standard range from a minimum of mm 60 x 30 x 120H up to a maximum of mm 350 x 150 x 400H. Our machines are normally with continuous advancing, continue and alternate or only alternate and allow a high flexibility to be adapted to different customers’ needs.

Minimum production can be from just a few cartons per minute for some models, to reaching a maximum production of 320 cartons per minute for the fastest models.

Betti machines, it allow us to integrate with any weighing system currently available on the international market. Betti machines can be integrated or combined (also directly at the customer’s site) multihead scales, scales, gravity and linear scales as well as various systems of counting.

The “bag in box” vertical systems that are mounted on Betti machines offer the possibility to introduce bags of each type (containing liquids, powders and granular) even in cartons in which the size is limited respect to the bag to be introduced.

You can introduce into a carton a single bag, two overlapped bags or even two or more aligned bags one in front of the others. Our range of “bag in box” systems includesm the possibility to introduce, even at high production speeds, groups of monodose bags into the carton.

The great flexibility of our machines allows the integration of different “bag in box” systems in a single vertical cartooning machine.

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