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Stick Pack & Sachet Filling Machines


Universal Pack machines are suitable to produce single-dose sachets, heat-sealed on four sides or shaped, stick-packs, cartons and boxes using both flat and pre-glued folded blanks.

Thanks to the experience gained in over 50 years of activity, Universal Pack has accumulated extensive knowledge about packaging and worked successfully with thousands of different products and films in all markets: food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics.

With Universal Pack machines we can provide complete turn-key sachet packaging solutions which include a variety of cartoning options: from large random-filled cartons, to vertical top-load cartons formed from flat blanks, or horizontal side-load cartons formed from pre-glued folded blanks.

All of these solutions include automatic or semi-automatic counting and collating of the sachets or stick packs ensuring an extremely high reliability output.

The strength of Universal Pack machines lies in manufacturing very high-speed, high-output solutions for particularly demanding customers. The majority of the machines are multi-lane vertical, and most of them are continuous motion (which means they can operate at much higher speeds than horizontal machines) within a reduced footprint on the factory floor. For example, with black tea, the easiest product to package, Universal Pack machines reach speeds of up to 300 cycles per minute. On a 15-lane machine, that would be equivalent to 4500 sachets per minute.

Operators are capable of operating at these speeds for many years.  Universal Pack machines are  confidently being used  for over 25-30 years.

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