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Flexible Connectors

BFM® Global manufactures a range of patented and protected (2006) connectors, spigots, covers, blanking caps, blanking socks and Bulk Bag Loaders that help transform the traditional manufacturing environment. Available in a variety of materials for a huge range of applications, BFM®'s most popular Seeflex connectors are 3A approved, and conform with FDA, EC and ATEX regulations.

They're 100% sealed, eliminating leaks and dust.

Traditional connectors with clamps on the outside can be difficult to fit properly, and product escapes between the crevices, especially when pressure runs through the system. Because the BFM® fitting seals from the inside, there is nowhere for the dust to leak from, and unlike traditional connectors, they just seal tighter under pressure. No more leaks, no dust escaping into the factory and no time-consuming clean-ups.

There's no product build-up which means better hygiene.

Traditional clamped connectors provide crevices between the outer edge of the pipe and the inside of the connector where product can build-up and become a hygiene risk. With the BFM® fitting system, the connector sits inside the pipe, nestling snugly against the shaped spigot head so there is nowhere for product to accumulate. No product build up means no contamination risk.

They're safer to install.

Installing and replacing flexible connectors on machinery can present a number of dangers:

Hoseclips can be difficult to unfasten and replace, particularly in hard-to-get-to locations. Using sharp tools like screwdrivers, particularly in these types of positions, can potentially be a hazard to workers.

Replacing connectors that are close to moving parts like rotary valves or knives can be extremely dangerous.

The BFM® fitting has a simple snap-fit installation, and our standard connectors require no tools. The flexible cuff is simply curved to form a 'C' shape, positioned inside the shaped spigot and released - the tension on the cuff pops it out into the perfect place.

Any pressure inside the system as it runs simply pushes the BFM® connector outwards and improves the seal - unlike most connectors that tend to leak as more pressure is applied.

BFM® fitting reduces secondary explosion risk.

Dust leaking from flexible connections during operation can not only cause an unhealthy atmosphere for staff to breathe, but the potential for secondary explosions in certain conditions is a very real and serious health and safety risk for any factory.

BFM® fitting provides a sealed system which means there is no dust leaking into the factory environment - healthier for your staff, and safer for your entire plant. Our popular Seeflex 040E fittings have undergone extensive testing and have been proven to contain internal explosions in excess of 60kPa.

To further reduce the risk of consequential fires, our Kevlar covers have been tested to withstand pressures in excess of 100kPa.

Check out our explosion testing videos below to see how well BFM® fitting connectors perform against standard hose-clip type connectors.

100% sealed, eliminating leaks and dust. No product build-up means better hygiene.Easy to flush through for cleaning

Improved performance under pressure and movement. No tools required for fitting reducing health & safety risks

Extended product life thanks to robust design. Less downtime as changeover takes less than 40 secs
Standardization so you need to keep less stock

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