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Multihead Weighers

A multihead weigher or computer combination weigher (CCW) is an industrial weighing machine which delivers highly accurate, reliable and high speed weighing of food and non-food products.

Ishida has offered virtually every known CCW application solution.

The multihead weigher was invented and developed by Ishida in the 1970s.  Since then Ishida has provided weighing equipment for thousands of food and non-food applications with more than 50,000 machines installed.


Machine for the packaging of products in different materials: wrap around packaging, trays, plateau packs and cardboard boxes. When used in combination with the lidding module, it can also create packages with tray and lid, both internal and external.

Either flat or standing products can be packaged depending on the configurations and arrangements. Special applications are available upon request. The machine envisages conformity checks on incoming products and outgoing packaging.Extremely compact and versatile, the WR features great multifunctionality. Large capacity, easy-to-load carton store. Highly accessible, ergonomic and user-friendly thanks to the large HMI panel.

The machine comes standard with a hot-melt package closing module, however, it can also be fit with taping module that integrates seamlessly into the machine body. The WR-S-E can be fit with automatic format change and numerous accessories to increase the degree of customization to meet your needs.

Skilled 504 SCARA Robot

The Skilled 504 is an electro mechanical robot with articulated cinematic structure type SCARA with 4 interpolated axes, and a working area of 360°. Our first SCARA robot (Selectively Compliant Assembly Robot Arm) was launched in the market in 1996 and since then it has been installed in over 1000 plants worldwide. Thanks to its high flexibility and possibility to customize the pick-up tool for illimitated range of applications (cardboard boxes, bundles, heat-shrunk trays, bags, cans, reels, etc.), the Skilled 504 has been used to solve a wide variety of end-of-the-line product handling problems in the most diverse plant logistic situations. Its friendly and powerful programming method has been developed in Visual Basic completely by our engineers on the basis of 30 years experience in the palletizing field, in order to quickly carry out any kind of personalization at any time.

Ideal for palletising multiple lines.

  • Clever design to work also in a narrow working area
  • Payload 120 kg including gripper
  • 4 axes
  • 800 cycles/hour
IX-G2 Series

Dual Energy Sensor detects what other inspection systems miss

Most effective X-ray detection of low-density objects, including bone, shell, metal, glass and rubber.

Ergonomic, stainless steel design, making it easy to clean.

  • Pinpoint detection of foreign bodies under 0.6mm thanks to enhanced G2 technology, from shell and stone, to metal and bone.
  • Accurate X-ray inspection capable of handling packaged products with uneven surfaces, granular products and overlaps.
Performance DACS-GN-SE Series Checkweigher

The DACS-GN-SE Series checkweigher is the perfect entry point for high-speed checkweighing. This model features all essential elements for a simple system that seamlessly fits your production line.

The DACS-GN-SE is available in two models depending on your factory environment, the SS model for dry environments and the WP model for wet or dusty environments.

Using patented technology, our performance-line checkweigher is engineered for weighing accuracy that meets your requirements.

The SS variant is engineered for dry environments, with a protection against ingress in accordance to industry-standard IP54 rating. It is designed for wipe-down cleaning, with aluminium conveyor beds delivering strength without providing unnecessary weight loading to the weigh cell.

Saturn S4 Automatic Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper

The SATURN S4 wrapper has been designed to cover the markets with medium productions, up to 60 pallets / hour, being the best alternative to the arm wrapping machine.

The SATURN S4 wrappers equip the best technology available on the market, as well as the rest of our models with higher productive capacity, with electronic tension control and self-adjusting according to the load profile, which prevents film breakage or deformation of the load, ensuring maximum stability with the minimum film consumption.

Varied Pouch Shape Doypack Machine


Is the ideal machine for stand up pouches of up to 600 ml capacity offering flexibility in the change of format, with the added capability to produce big pouches for up to 2,5 lit. Compactness and reliability are also two of the characteristics that best define the SI-280 model. The new SI-280 turns changing format into a controlled process by guiding the operator and leaving no room for improvisation.

Swan Neck Conveyors

Swan neck conveyors allow you to make the most of your available space without compromising on speed, efficiency, or safety. Swan neck conveyors will swiftly and safely move your products to the level necessary for your food processing equipment to do its job.

Like all of our innovations, our swan neck conveyors are designed to be hygienic and efficient. Because they allow for a high throughput with a corresponding low cost of ownership, you can expect to increase your yields and receive a return on your investment in no time at all.

Because they provide such a gentle transition from one level to another, our swan neck conveyors are suitable for use in industries that deal with fragile or delicate produce.

LGV Forklift Trucks

Skilled LGV (Laser Guided Vehicle) is an automatic fork lift truck which, together with our palletizing systems, allows complete “end of line” automation. This results is cost savings and significant improvements in production management.

Czym są maszyny pakujące doypack?

Maszyny pakujące doypack to specjalistyczne urządzenia przeznaczone do wypełniania i zamykania tzw. opakowań doypack. Doypack to rodzaj opakowania, które jest w stanie stać samodzielnie dzięki specjalnej konstrukcji dna, a jego górna część jest przeważnie wyposażona w zamek strunowy lub inny system zamykający.

Jak działają maszyny pakujące doypack?

  • Proces pakowania z użyciem maszyn doypack zazwyczaj polega na kilku etapach:
  • Formowanie opakowania z folii;
  • Wypełnianie opakowania produktem;
  • Zamykanie opakowania, np. za pomocą zamka strunowego.

Zalety korzystania z maszyn pakujących doypack

  • Efektywność: Maszyny pakujące doypack oferują automatyczny i szybki proces pakowania.
  • Wszechstronność: Mogą być używane do pakowania różnorodnych produktów, od płynów po artykuły sypkie.
  • Zrównoważone opakowanie: Opakowania doypack mogą być bardziej ekologiczne niż te tradycyjne, zwłaszcza gdy są produkowane z materiałów biodegradowalnych.
  • Estetyka: Doypack to atrakcyjne opakowanie z perspektywy konsumenta, co może wpłynąć na decyzje zakupowe.