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Machine for the packaging of products in different materials: wrap around packaging, trays, plateau packs and cardboard boxes. When used in combination with the lidding module, it can also create packages with tray and lid, both internal and external.

Either flat or standing products can be packaged depending on the configurations and arrangements. Special applications are available upon request. The machine envisages conformity checks on incoming products and outgoing packaging.Extremely compact and versatile, the WR features great multifunctionality. Large capacity, easy-to-load carton store. Highly accessible, ergonomic and user-friendly thanks to the large HMI panel.

The machine comes standard with a hot-melt package closing module, however, it can also be fit with taping module that integrates seamlessly into the machine body. The WR-S-E can be fit with automatic format change and numerous accessories to increase the degree of customization to meet your needs.

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