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Fenix Data Collection System

FDCS - FENIX DATA COLLECTION SYSTEM – real time production data collection and analysis system

  • each batch full information, each package control, data archiving – packaged goods act

  • real time production process analysis

  • access to the application from web browser from any place in the world

  • production process and the actual working time of machines and employees monitoring

  • failure limitation by advance planning service of machines

  • detection of problems as early as possible and reduction of losses thanks to quick response - e-mail alerts

  • modular structure allowing the purchase of selected components tailored to the client's needs



  • Communication – one consistent system for all plants

  • Full information – all production data in real time

  • Flexibility – copying programs between machines, to improve changes in production

  • Synchronization – possibility to connect our system with other external systems

  • Clarity – intuitive, simple to use system

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