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Skilled CGR-1000 gantry robot

The Skilled CGR-1000 gantry robot is designed to satisfy the most demanding material handling needs. With its hardy design and patented drive system it offers standard payloads up to 1000 Kg. In addition, the robot’s working area can reach 75 m long and over 15 m wide. This makes the Skilled CGR-1000 gantry robot the most versatile gantry for multi-SKU applications. In addition to being used for heavy duty single cell applications, the Skilled CGR-1000 gantry robot has been the preferred choice in a variety of other palletizing solutions including multi-cell gantry palletizers that sort and palletize different products simultaneously. The system can also be equipped with multiple picking heads on the same structure. This feature offers an increased throughput capacity. Tailored solutions Skilled CGR-1000 gantry robot has been adapted to handle a wide variety of products: cardboard boxes, bundles, tires, trays, bags, reels, pails and even more.

Ideal for palletising multiple lines of product as well as very heavy products using a centralised palletising area

  • Standard payload of 450 kg and 900 kg

  • 3 – 5 axes

  • 600 cycles/hour

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