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Inspira Bagmakers


The Inspira Series bagmakers are premium snacks packaging systems.

The Inspira Series boasts a smart, mistake-proof design, for an industry leading performance. All models include controls for former positioning and back seals, automated adjusting nitrogen levels in packs, and systems for pinpoint detection of product in seal. These innovations ensure optimal packs every time by reducing errors and waste, and maximising uptime.

If you are looking for a bagmaker to exactly match your needs, the Inspira comes in a range of models, with optional features to adapt the bagmaker to your pack type, including pillow pack, gusset, block bottom and chain bags. Choose between intermittent or rotary jaw seal configurations, and get the perfect seal every time.

A High-Performance Bagmaker for All

The Inspira bagmaker was developed through our decades of experiences with snacks producers. We wanted to provide every customer with a bagmaker to suit them, and the Inspira has fulfilled this goal.

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