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Atlas Bagmakers


The Atlas Series bagmaker delivers mid-level and high performance bagmaking for pillow packs and other common snack application pack designs.

Optimise your snacks production line with a robust, reliable system, adaptable to your needs and pack style.

Available in single and twin jaw configurations, the Atlas is a prime example of ergonomic design combined with excellent performance. Seamlessly integrate your bagmaker with your weighing and quality control solutions.

Accurate Seal Every Time

Four distinct mechanisms give you a perfectly sealed pack every time: the pull down belt for perfect tension, the backseal unit for a smooth vertical seal, the stripping device to clear excess product and reduce waste, and the sealing jaw for a fast, accurate seal.

Case study
Pakowaczka  (1.52 MB)
Pakowaczka  (1.23 MB)
Pakowaczka  (724.95 KB)
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