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Automated Vertical Warehouses

The automated vertical warehouses use mechanical structures moving between two rows of racks to carry out the load AS/RS (storage / retrieval) operations.

The stored containers are trays whose features and dimensions are determined by specific characteristics of the goods.

The whole structure is fully enclosed by walls and therefore isolated from the company surrounding environment; the only openings are one or more “bays” through which the trays are set available by the system.

The handling operations are controlled by software through the appropriate station placed next to the bay.



  • Up to 80% space saving in relation to the traditional racks
  • Reduction of the inefficiencies and reduction of the employed resources
  • Better ratio between occupied floor and storage capacities (in terms of weight and volume)
  • Zeroing of the injury risks and consequently of the related costs
  • Material care and computer control of all the moved quantities
  • Quick pay-back of the investment (2 to 3 years)
  • High degree of company progressive development and company technological image

Tray sizes length from 1200mm to 2400mm and depth from 800mm to 1000mm. Max payload 500 kg.

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