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Bucket Elevators

If you need a conveyor which will streamline your processes and boost your efficiency, but your premises are not large enough to accommodate a standard solution, then you need bucket elevators.

They give you the ability to build your food production line upwards. The reason why so many conveyor systems take up so much space is because they’re built horizontally. Because everything’s so spread out, they have large footprints that not all businesses can comfortably accommodate.

Bucket elevators make it possible to move your produce between different levels. And when they’re built vertically, conveyor systems have much smaller footprints.

Bucket elevators can help any business to make the most of their available space without compromising on speed, efficiency, or safety.

When hygiene is factored into the ROI, the full stainless steel contact parts guarantee bacteria free surfaces. By comparing a 6m bucket elevators which can take 2 operatives 8 hours to clean, our 6m spiral only takes 45 minutes to fully hygiene with 1 operative.

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