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Tiber Pack case packers and cartoning machines

Only one case packer for all kinds of packaging!
Return on case packer investment as quick as 10 months!

Tiber Pack case packer can work on a wide range of types of packaging.

Automatic size changeover

Respect to produkt

During the bundle formation and case packing, products are guided and held in the right position by contact guides. This prevents falls and collisions and tries to prevent breakages and/or micro damage (micro damage may turn into a breakage during subsequent stages, through to the point of sale). Device movements are softened by means of interpolation software techniques. Hold down Systems prezent the product from bulging during movement, optimising the sizes of the packaging and making it possibile to retrieve up to 15% of useful space.


Use of high quality components. Passion for and dedication to pursuing high standards of quality and output. Optymized, simplified work cycles. Schedule equipment assistance, remote assistance and call-out Service. Training for operational and maintenance customer’s staff.

High performance

Careful, targeted design aimed at satisfying the customer’s specific needs. Reject of unsuitable in-feeding products to prevent machine down times. Close working relationship with any other units taking part in the project: paper transformation industry, packing machine manufacturer, etc.

User friendly

The machine is easily accessible and checkable at any stage. Work stadion economics, size changing points and easy Access for maintenance. Control panel with intuitive diagnostics which can also be customized.

Module construction

Due to module design integration with stand-alone modules is possibile in the future.

Easy operation

Via a touch panel in language required.



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