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Skilled palletization

Skilled Group is a leading provider of integrated material handling automation and manufacturer of products and solutions for food, beverage, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, and other diverse companies. Through their strategic brands, Skilled Group provides automation solutions and product equipment, offering certified training, installation, parts, and service in turnkey material handling systems palletizing, de-palletizing, conveyance and laser guided vehicles. Skilled Groups 45+ years in end of line solutions has a diverse customer base, from fortune 500 companies to smaller, privately-held businesses worldwide, which depend on reliable, flexible, technologically advanced equipment and integrated solution sets. Skilled Group headquartered in Schio, Italy with manufacturing facilities and offices in United States and Europe.

Palletizing Robot model Skilled 504

The SKILLED 504 is an electromechanical robot with articulated cinematic structure type SCARA with 4 interpolated axes, and a working area of 360°. Its unique design allows for operation in confined area. It can palletize different products coming from several production lines at the same time e.g. bags and cartons from three different lines. Each solution is tailored to specific customer’s requirements.

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Robot model Skilled 304,603

Articulated robots are robot with rotary joints. Articulated robots can range from simple two-jointed structures to systems with 10 or more interacting joints. They are powered by a variety of means, including electric motors. An articulated robot, like the our Skilled 304 or 603, is a robot that can be used for several different applications and has a large work envelope. These robots are able to improve a company’s productivity through improved speed and accuracy, which also improves the quality of the product being produced. Also, because of their popularity and their longevity, articulated robot systems are more affordable than ever before.


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Palletizing Robot model Skilled 101

The SKILLED 101 is a very simple palletizing robot to palletize one product at a time. (Dedicated palletizing unit). It is an economic solution to palletize products up to 40kg at a medium production speed.

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Available Pick-up Tools 

and many other tools tailored to handle and palletize specific products.


Skilled Robots operate failure-free 24 hours a day 7 days a week all year through!

Do you know that according to the Market Economy Research Institute (IBnGR) report out of all the Polish companies who implemented robots into their production:

  • 84 % increased their production,
  • 79 % decreased their production costs,
  • 58 % increased their profitability,
  • 37 % increased their sales abroad.

At the same time most of them i.e.:

  • 80 % companies declared that robots enabled them to maintain a constant level of employment and in some cases they could create additional worksites.
  • 100 % of the researched companies confirmed that robot automation improves competitiveness.

Skilled Robots are working in factories on the most important European and Word markets.

We provide immediate aftersales assistance and spare parts.

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