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Movitec Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapping machines

Our automatic pallet stretch wrappers are the result of an extensive experience in the packaging sector. MOVITEC WRAPPING SYSTEMS design and manufacture stretch ring wrappers with the customer in mind, providing the best solutions and the most proper technology to protect loads, secure stability and guarantee the best presentation of your product. MOVITEC pallet stretch wrappers have the highest ratios of efficiency and reliability, ensuring the best packaging with very low consumption of film and minimal maintenance.

MOVITEC only manufactures automatic rotary ring stretch wrapping machines. We focus all our efforts on the development and improvement of rotating ring wrappers, what makes us to become the best specialists in this technology, that offers more and better benefits for the packaging of palletized loads and guarantee the best protection and product presentation.


SATURN S2 - up to 45 pallets/hour

SATURN S4 - up to 60 pallets/hour

SATURN S6 - up to 100 pallets/hour

SATURN S8 - up to 160 pallets/hour


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