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Machines For Pouches VOLPAK

Volpak is one of the leading brand of horizontal FFS machines for flexible packaging in the consumer goods market.

Volpak boasts the most specialized range of packaging machines for pouches which can pack a great variety of products, such as granules, powder, liquid, paste, towelettes in pouches with 3 or 4 sealings, pouches with bottom, stand up pouches, specially shaped pouches, with easy opening systems such as zippers, caps, straws, degassing valves, etc., with outputs up to 400 pouches per minute.



SI-280 - Is the ideal machine for stand up pouches of up to 600 ml capacity offering flexibility in the change of format, with the added capability to produce big pouches for up to 2,5 lit. Compactness and reliability are also two of the characteristics that best define the SI-280 model. The new SI-280 turns changing format into a controlled process by guiding the operator and leaving no room for improvisation.




The SI line has been designed for customers who require high production levels without forgoing flexibility that will allow them to operate with different formats. A SI-360 may therefore be equipped to work in quadruplex at production rates of 240 pouches per minute and with format change thereafter to operate in triplex with a larger format.

The SI-360 Duplex version provides the option of working with pouches of up to 1500 cc at a production rate of around 100 pouches per minute.



SI 440

One of the most flexible and versatile horizontal form fill and seal machine in the market today, is perfectly adaptable for every need: from projects requiring the large production of medium-sized formats to batches requiring large sized pouches.

Wide operating window, with individual settings of the pouch forming, pouch transport and filling, to enable working with the most favourable conditions thus optimizing performance. Quick size change over, in a controlled process, with automatic adjustments and guidance for the operator, leaving no room for improvisation.


The model SP-70 has been designed to reach outputs up to 360 pouches per minute. Therefore all the mechanisms have been designed to work in Triplex or Quadruplex, that is producing 3 or 4 pouches per machine cycle. This model reaches high output levels without limiting the advantages offered by the horizontal packaging machines as compared to other types of machines, such as flexibility, dose precision, air-tightness, sealing guarantee and the quality of the finished pouch.



SP 170

Its extreme versatility offers the capability to produce from flat pouches in Duplex to 1 litre stand up pouches with zipper, pouring caps, straws, membrane pouches and the exclusive DUO pouches.

This is the ideal machine to pack sauces, grated cheese with controlled atmosphere, chocolates, sweets, juice and dehydrated ready cooked dishes with more than one component.



SP 220

The open design and easy access to all the mechanisms make the SP-220 as well as the other machines in the SP series, the ideal equipment for those customers who look for easy handling and low maintenance cost. This is the machine developed mainly to meet the requirements of the beverage industry, such as fruit juice, isotonic beverages, as well as salad dressings where Volpak is the undisputed leader. 




Flexible packaging provides great environmental benefits to manufacturers, distributors and consumers throughout the package’s life cycle. The flexible packaging produces less CO2 compared to most of the packages in the market and it significantly improves the product/packaging ratio, thus becoming the most sustainable packaging. The minimum volume of waste, once it has been consumed, represents a considerable saving in the waste collection process.



  • Attractive brand presentation: different forms & shapes. It can be tailored to fit your needs
  • Long shelf life thanks to preservation of flavour, texture minerals and vitamins, through use of barrier materials
  • Easy to carry thanks to flexible and lightweight characteristics
  • Less waste volume
  • Recloseable and reusable. Features such as zip locks, spouts, and resealable seals make usage more convenient
  • Convenient





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