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Ishida X-Ray

Ishida X-Ray Inspection System – the best X-Ray System in the market!

An Ishida X-Ray Inspection System allows you to see problems before your customers do.

An Ishida X-Ray inspection can be used at any stage in your production process to tell you with the greatest accuracy and reliability when foreign bodies are contaminating your product, helping you and your customers to avoid the medical and legal problems that might otherwise result.

  • Detects metal, glass, bones, shells, stones, plastics and hard rubber
  • Identifies a wide range of product defects eg. broken, missing, too small or distorted pieces,
  • Provides a useful way of monitoring piece and product weight
  • Very high sensitivity level due to a unique Genetic Algorithm Technology (GA)
  • X-Ray output is contained within the inspection tunnel: any breach or intrusion instantly halts all emissions
  • Operation is simple, quick and easy to learn,
  • All X-ray inspection results and logs are securely stored and accessible.

Ishida X-ray inspection system - protects your customer and your brandname.

Ishida X-Ray detects product faults and potential contaminants at very low levels:

Make a big step to improve safety of your products!

Test your product on the best Ishida X-Ray System on the market - please call us and make an appointment to test your product in our Demo Hall.

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