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Flexible Connector BFM® fitting

Due to flexible connectors of BFM® fitting your production site will stay free from product building up on the piping connections. BFM® fitting flexible connectors installation is quick and simple and does not require any tools. Flexible connectors make a perfect seal and keep your powder product inside the piping.

In case of traditional connectors with hoseclips, when using screw drivers to tighten up hoseclips , damage is common to the flexible connector and even the installer hands. Also speed and accuracy of installation of the hoseclips may differ very much and the clips are often improperly installed what causes product leakage. Flexible connectors of BFM® fitting are installed inside the tube. They comply with ATEX and FDA standards - watch video.


Watch video Flexible Connector - BFM® fitting

Watch the video "BFM fitting flexible connector – milk powder".

Watch video: EASY TO FIT


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