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Automated Warehouses Systems Zecchetti

The automated vertical warehouses use mechanical structures moving between two rows of racks to carry out the load AS/RS (storage / retrieval) operations. The stored containers are trays whose features and dimensions are determined by specific characteristics of the goods. The whole structure is fully enclosed by walls and therefore isolated from the company surrounding environment; the only openings are one or more “bays” through which the trays are set available by the system. The handling operations are controlled by software through the appropriate station placed next to the bay.


TRASLO represents a wide range of Stacker-Cranes for warehousing and handling of several different bulks and weights in the realization of automated logistic systems.



The handling of the SKU can be managed with several solutions:

1. Telescopic forks for single or double-depth handling

  1. Shuttle (multi-depth SKU handling)



The telescopic forks are composed by a fixed body and overlapped elements moving bilaterally in a telescopic way to handle the loads from a central position to the shelving cells and vice versa.


The tele-guided shuttle is moved by the stacker crane. Its function is to deposit and retrieve the Load units in an autonomous way.

The Warehouse with Shuttle allows to store, on each level, a high number of pallets in multi-depth mode. The shelves are provided with horizontal profiles to support the Load Units and to guide the Shuttle. Those profiles integrate the drilling for the optical positioning of the Shuttle.


The integration of an Automated Warehouse into a productive process demands to handle the Load Units through the factory.

Zecchetti completes its supply by proposing the so called “peripheries” as well.


Roller or chain conveyors, rotary platform, etc., including the various Load Unit controls such as “shape control” and “weight control”.


The Zecchetti Shuttle Car is available in various versions: 1, 2 or 4 pallet stations and may be provided with upper press to stabilize the load; it travels on grounded rails. As an alternative to the Shuttle Car, Zecchetti proposes the LGV (Laser Guided Vehicle) which allows to move goods, bins, pallets, from /to planned position at the production zones, into the warehouse, etc.


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