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seal trays of almost any shape and size and of any material while making perfect sealings.

Ishida checkweighers have been developed to enable manufacturers to ensure their products remain within specification every time while meeting the strictest legislative requirements. Ishida's checkweighers can handle various pack types, including bags, trays and cartons. ISHIDA checkweighers fulfill the requirements of the "Packed Products and "e" Marking" Act dated 6 September 2001.

Ishida's checkweighers can handle various pack types, including bags, trays and cartons.

Several different reject systems are used for different product types to reject products of unacceptable weights....

Laser Guided Forklift Trucks are an ideal solution for a complete automation of production lines and storage areas as well as operation in high-bay storages. They do not require additional rail systems or induction loops installed in the floor. LGV’s are tailored to individual applications in production factories. They are supplied with necessary software. They enable storage management and automatic pallet loading on the trucks (ATL). They fulfill all safety standards.

Metal Detectors available from Fenix Systems detect all kinds of metal elements, magnetic and non-magnetic, including stainless steel. Proper metal detector configurations enable detections of tiniest metal contaminations in order for the consumers to receive safe products.

A suitable metal detector can increase production speed and limit production costs. The metal detectors feature high speed and efficiency. They are simple to operate and safe to use and can be successfuly used in any factory.

  • Very high sensitivity to all magnetic and non-magnetic metals, including stainless...

Tiber Pack S.r.l , with highly specialised personel, designes and manufactures case packers for over 40 years. Tiber Pack is particularly attentive to satisfying the requirements of each customer, builds personalised plants equipped with the most modern technologies for management, self-adjustment and self-diagnosis. . Each plant is designed and built to offer easy access to the operator, who can proceed with adjustments and/or maintenance with extreme ease. Tiber Pack S.r.l. is proud of the continuity of cooperation with it’s long-standing customers.

We have a wide range of multihead weighers for various products including wet, fragile, of awkward shapes, sticky, dry, granular or powder, that can help your business increase production speed, efficiency and reduce wastes and losses.

Ishida Europe represented by Fenix Systems manufactures an extensive range of multihead weighers suited to many food and non-food applications.

From entry-level weighers for customers just starting their businesses to high-specification models, all Ishida's multihead weighers combine high-speed operation with unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

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