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BETTI jest obecna na rynku maszyn pakujących od 1955 roku i jest producentem szerokiej gamy kartoniarek pionowych w tym maszyn do pakowania typu bag in box, maszyn napełniających słoiki i plastikowe pojemniki oraz maszyn do pakowania w folię termokurczliwą.

BETTI has been on the market Since 1955 manufacturing a wide range of vertical cartoning machines including bag-in-box packaging machines, jar and plastic container filling machines as well as shrink wrappers.
BETTI machines make it possible to pack various products (powders, granules, electronic elements, car accessories, glass items) by means of various dosing systems like multihead weighers, volumetric fillers, screw feeders, counting machines.
Special machine design makes carton size changing very quick and easy. Over 2000 BETTI machines hale been installed and work successfully in more than 40 countries.

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